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Manual: modify your privacy settings from SW Panel

by SW Team

On May 25, the new "General Data Protection Regulation" will come into force throughout the European Union. In this sense, we want to explain to you today about some of the options that we have enabled in your SW Panel so that you can freely control your personal information as well as the notifications and information that you receive from SW Hosting.

Your customer file

Once you have logged in to your SW Panel, mouse over the top right menu. From the drop-down select the option: "Client Card".

Here you will find at a glance all the personal information of you or your company. This is the information we use by default to issue invoices.

Also, another important fact of this page is your email address. This is the address we will use to contact you unless you specify otherwise in the corresponding settings. Additionally, it is the email account that will allow you to reset the password, so it is very important that you do not lose access to it.

Finally, in this section we want to highlight the lower box, blue, whose text reads "I authorize SW Hosting ...". With this box checked, you authorize SW Hosting to send you information that we think might interest you, including offers or news about the launch of new products. If you do not want to receive this type of notification, you only have to unmark the box and save the changes.

Your notification preferences

If you go back to the top right menu, you will find the "Settings" option. Under "Settings" click on the "Notification Post" tab.

This page allows you to control in detail what type of notifications you want to receive, but you can also choose to which email address each of them will be sent. This option gives you great flexibility when deciding which people on your team should receive what notifications. Remember that you can enter multiple email addresses separating them with a comma or semicolon.

Also, notifications with blank fields will be sent to your default email address specified in your customer file.

Contact our support team

Remember that if you have any questions about your privacy settings and notifications, you can contact our customer service department at any time through your support wall.

We hope this information has been useful for you. Regards!