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More Smart = More Speed

by SW Team

Since 2020 we have been offering you a new hosting concept, our Smart Hosting (a standard in the hosting industry). A smart hosting based on several layers of web servers and Artificial Intelligence algorithms, which is able to accelerate the Web and optimize the performance of the same.

But we have not stopped here, with the arrival of new Web development tools, new CMS and Plugins, we are aware that the speed of the Webs is becoming more and more important, and we have continued researching to further improve our Smart Hosting.

All this has led us to create Smart Hosting +

Smart Hosting + is to increase the acceleration and optimisation of websites like never before, in this case by integrating intelligent multi-layer caching systems, such as Memcached.

What provides Memcached to Smart Hosting +?

Memcached is a storing cache system, designed to use the RAM memory of the server to store variables, objects or even database queries in order to minimize the load and disk accesses for the generation of these objects, causing a great acceleration of dynamic web applications.

Thanks to this, there is no longer any need or worries about accessing hard disk memory, as the data is obtained from RAM memory, which is what reduces latency time, and increases the performance of web applications.

This great advantage becomes more and more evident when you add more images, plugins, etc., because instead of slowing down more and more, it remains as fast as ever.

This + in speed and performance can only be achieved with SWPanel and Debian 11, unfortunately Debian 10 still can’t do it.

And in the Hosting Plans, do we have Smart Hosting +?

Of course you do! You can activate Smart Hosting + on the Standard and Advanced Hosting plans at no extra charge.

And on Cloud servers, is it already available?

Yes, from the release of SWPanel 2023, on 21 November 2022, all Cloud servers with SWPanel for resellers or for Cloud Hosting integrate this new version of Smart Hosting along with Debian 11.

Smart Hosting + has been thought, designed and distributed so that it can be used in any of our services, both in shared hosting and dedicated Cloud reseller servers.

So, do you want your website to go faster than a rocket? with a performance that you have never seen before? Well, don't hesitate any longer and ask for Smart Hosting +


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