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Multi-Site Backup

by SW Team

In SW Hosting, we have been offering you the Backup service for a long time, which you can activate from your SWPanel. Now we have incorporated a couple of improvements in this service, which you can already test and implement. If you find it difficult to activate the Backup, here a manual, which explains step by step how to do it, and which we created with the aim of clarifying as much as possible.

If you are not familiar with the term Backup, now we clarify it and make you remember it.

What is a Backup Service?

The Backup service allows you to generate security copies, including your hosting data, of your SW Hosting backup. This way, you can restore your content without any problem in case of any failure or incident.

Defining a backup plan is useful in many situations, for example, to be able to restore your website quickly and easily, without affecting your reputation in any way. Another example, if your site has changed and slowed down due to a programming error. Or if your site was compromised by a "hacker" and the code was changed, or you were unable to update your CMS (Content Management System).

Our update of the Backup service

Once this concept has been clarified, we inform you that now from your SWPanel you can activate different copies, which have different locations, so, now you can create simultaneous Backups, which are distributed in several servers, which are also different. In other words, now we offer you a multi-site and multi-geolocation backup service. If you try it out in January or February 2023, you will see only 3 locations to store your backups, but we will be adding more later on.

In addition, thanks to this update of the service, there is more redundancy when backing up data, and there is high availability when retrieving data.

It should be added that in these multi-site backups you can indicate the number of days you want to save for retention, as well as the number of full copies per retention period you want. Also, you can define two methods at the moment of selecting the content to copy. One is the definition of Backup by Hosting, and the other is the advanced definition by directories.

By activating it in the SWPanel, the steps to do it are simple and easy to follow. In fact, it even explains and provides details on some concepts, but if you still find it difficult or complicated, don't worry, as you know, you have the manual.

What is this retention saving? And full copies?

First of all, the retention days are used to define for how long the backup that you are activating will be kept. For example, if you want to be able to recover a file as it was 30 days ago, you should select a retention of at least 30 days.

The full copy, first of all, is what will occupy the most space, and it is a copy of all the files and folders that you have selected.

Definition of Backup by Hosting? Advanced definition by directories?

In the case of the definition of Backup by Hosting, it is just to define if you want the backup to be performed selectively for each of the hostings that you have on your server. Also, what content you want to back up for each hosting.

Finally, the advanced definition by directories allows you to indicate which folders on your server you want to add or remove from your backups.

Does it have a fixed cost?

No! No matter which location you have chosen to activate and store your Backup, there is no fixed monthly cost, as it is a paid-per-hour of usage service.

It should be emphasized that the more days of retention you put in, the more Gbytes you will occupy. So, the invoicing will depend on the amount of disk space that is in use, together with the hours of use of that particular space.


If you have any questions, don't be afraid to write them here, we'll be delighted to read them.

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