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New Cloud API

by SW Team

We are expanding our commitment to DevOps, adding new functionalities to our existing domain API. Now all our clients and the components of our DevOps Family already have at their disposal the new SW Hosting Cloud API.

Keep reading to discover all the possibilities that we offer you for being a SW Hosting client…

What is the Cloud API?

The application programming interface, also known by the acronym API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of subroutines, functions and procedures (or methods in object-oriented programming) that offers certain libraries and functions to be used by other software as an abstraction layer.

It is an interface that allows to carry out, in a simple way, all the actions available in the Control Panel but through programming.

Our API uses a RESTful interface with identification by Bearer Token. This API uses standard HTTP methods to perform queries and operations, as well as allowing you to integrate the functions of our SW Cloud into the applications and services you want.

Unique in Spain

Our API is the answer to people who have their own applications or solutions and want to deploy them automatically together with the Cloud infrastructure.

Thanks to SW Hosting's new Cloud services API, we offer you the possibility of managing your Clouds with the advantages of being able to integrate the creation and modification of the Cloud within your applications or systems, without depending on third parties.

  • You will have at your disposal all the power of a Cloud platform that you can activate / deactivate according to your needs and in real time.

  • Incorporate your applications and display your Clouds automatically.

  • Integrate your exclusive programming as an extra in the Cloud instances and offer it to your clients abstracting them from the underlying infrastructure.

Endless possibilities are open to you thanks to being able to execute all the options that until now you had through the panel from your own programming.

No other Spanish provider offers you this possibility of Cloud management through API. We are ahead of the competition to offer you a new world of possibilities at your fingertips for the first time in Spain.

Own development

We have developed this API internally so that you can apply your own programming to our Cloud product. All the options that we offer you from the panel now integrable with your own programming.

Our developers have made this API to measure so that our clients can take advantage of the full potential of our exclusive Cloud product.

• We are independent. We develop internally and as our clients demand.

• We have the ability to listen to our customers and meet their demands.

• Any anomaly is corrected in a very short time.

• We are participants in your needs and we are delighted to meet all your demands.

No other provider will be so close and will solve all your doubts and programming needs.

Don't think twice and try our API now.

What can I do?

We have added all the Cloud functionalities to our API:

• Raise new instances with the desired configurations.

• Modify resources.

• Select between the different operating systems and versions available: Debian ,Ubuntu, Windows…

• Select from a large number of 1-Click Apps: Wordpress, Plesk, WooCommerce, NodeJS, Odoo, Gitlab, etc. Check all available applications.

• All the options that until now you only had from the SW Panel are now within the reach of your programming.

Do you want to discover everything you can do? Take a look at all the possibilities that our API offers you by reviewing the technical documentation that we make available to you:

I want to start

If you want to know how to get started, take a look at how you can get your token from the dashboard and usage examples in our previous article about our API.

It is a unique opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of our Cloud product and integrate it into your systems.

If you are Devop and/or you are interested in the integration or deployment in your Cloud product systems together with your applications, this is your opportunity.

Do not wait more. Start using our Cloud API.