Blog / New version of SW Panel, to get the most out of your SW Panel control panel

New version of SW Panel, to get the most out of your SW Panel control panel

by SW Team

Introducing the new version of SWPanel, packed with improvements and new features that will take your experience to the next level.

In this blog, discover the innovations that make SWPanel 2024 a tool that provides greater control and customization, all with a cleaner and more attractive aesthetic.

New features SWPanel

New Aesthetics and Modernized Design

  • New Icons: Our icon set has been updated, providing a fresh and consistent look throughout the panel. They improve navigation and daily use.

  • Image Cleanup: To maintain a tidy and modern look, we have ensured that every visual element is in line with our new design.

Increased customization

Dynamic Dashboards

You can now close or add blocks to SWPanel Dashboards, making them more customizable and intelligent. Organize and adjust the information your way, creating a working environment that perfectly suits you.

Improved Side Menu

The side menu is now more flexible and remembers your settings and positions every time you navigate SWPanel. This allows you to have quick and personalized access to the tools you use most frequently.

Domain Search and Registration

More Extensions and Organized Searches.

New extensions have been added and searches are organized by category to make it easier to select the perfect domain.

New Domain Finder

The new domain finder is integrated into the side menu. Now, whenever you want to register or transfer a domain, you can do it from anywhere in your SWPanel, saving you time and simplifying the process.

Cleaner and More Efficient Top Bar

We have simplified the SWPanel top bar, adding shortcut options that improve navigation.

Direct Access to Preferences

A direct access option to SWPanel preferences has been added to the top bar. This enhancement allows faster and easier access to settings, helping you to customize your environment more efficiently.

Viewing Services in the Cart

In addition, you can now view services pending payment or to be purchased directly from the top bar. This feature makes it easier to track and manage your purchases, ensuring you always have control over your services and products.

Performance Optimization

Performance Optimization

Significant adjustments have been made to improve the overall performance of the control panel, ensuring a faster and smoother experience for all users.



At SWPanel, we are committed to innovation and continuous improvement. New aesthetics and performance optimizations are part of our efforts to provide you with a control panel that is not only powerful, but also pleasing to the eye and easy to use. These improvements reflect our commitment to providing our users with the best possible experience.


Explore the new SWPanel today and discover all the improvements we've implemented for you! Your feedback is important to us, so don't hesitate to share your comments and suggestions.