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Next Generation Firewall: this is the next generation security

by SW Team

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new services of 'New Generation Security' that strengthen our commitment to the branch of cybersecurity with the aim of offering integral solutions that guarantee the protection of our customers. This set of services is characterized by being made up of state-of-the-art technology as well as the experience of our team of engineers specializing in IT security.

Here are the details:

Meet the Next Generation Firewall

At the heart of our new IT security service is the next-generation physical firewall located on the perimeter of the network, capable of detecting and blocking threats in real time without affecting the performance of servers. In particular, it is worth noting the ability to discriminate between threats according to severity or even according to the type of application affected.

This type of intelligent firewall, capable of analyzing threats without applying any kind of perceptible latency and even preventing them from reaching the destination host, is at the forefront of IT security technology and becomes an extraordinary guarantee that allows the continuity of the business without our clients having to take any action. That is to say, it allows to guarantee a notably superior IT security without the user company losing the focus of its business.

This is the Dashboard of our Next Generation Firewall from the SW Panel:

Summary view of our Next Generation Firewall

This is how our Next Generation Firewall threats are viewed from the SW Panel:

Threats blocked in real time by our Next Generation Firewall, discriminated by application and severity.

One of the exclusive abilities of a Firewall that operates at the application level (OSI Layer 7) is the ability to detect the specific application against which the attack is made and, in this way, show details about the threat that has been blocked. This information allows an IT security team to detect and patch potential vulnerabilities in the shortest time possible. In this way the Next Generation Firewall of SW Hosting becomes a high value tool to protect the IT infrastructure of the company and the business.

The detection and blocking of threats in real time is not, however, the only one of the functions that our Next Generation Firewall allows. These are some of the key functions that it also presents in terms of IT security:

  • Summary of threats by type, severity and protocol.
  • Details of each threat and information of the corresponding CVE.
  • Analysis of threats according to the IP of origin and the country of origin.
  • Possibility of changing the sensitivity of the blocking module according to the severity of the threat.
  • Possibility of downloading the PCAP to carry out a subsequent forensic analysis of the threat.
  • Possibility of detecting and blocking potentially harmful files such as cryptolockers, viruses and exploits.

Finally, we should also highlight these two additional key functions that we would like to highlight, attaching a capture for each case:

  • Ability to analyze not only threats, but all traffic received and sent by the server.
  • Ability to generate comprehensive security reports, including a vulnerability scan on the host.

(Download sample report)

The combination of all these features contributed by our Next Generation Firewall, fully integrated into the SW Panel, will allow our customers from now on to add a very powerful layer of security to all their servers and with it the possibility of shielding themselves against the wave of cyber threats. that is hitting more and more the IT infrastructure of companies around the world.

However, all these characteristics gain even more strength when we take into account that they will work in line with the advisory and IT security consulting services that we will make available to all our customers.

Advice and consultancy in IT Security

Our teaching is and always has been the human experience and the advice that accompanies all our services. Of course it could not be different in this IT security service that combines our NGFW, cutting edge technology in IT security, with the knowledge, experience, advice and consultancy of our IT security team.

In particular, we will meet with our clients to assess the most effective way to implement these IT security services and thus be able to offer them a customized solution. <span title="Asimismo, una vez implementado el NGFW, mantenemos abierto, 24/7, la posibilidad de abrir un nuevo tipo de ticket: "Tickets para la Consultoría de Seguridad al Área de Ciberseguridad">Also, once the NGFW is implemented, we keep open, 24/7, the possibility of opening a new type of ticket: "Tickets for Security Consulting to the Cybersecurity Area".

This new type of ticket allows us to send requests to our cybersecurity team to perform analysis, audit or study actions on the services covered by our NGFW. In this way we open a way not only to protect the services of our customers in real time, but also to be able to shield them from the start or to carry out interventions to detect vulnerabilities even at the system level.

New generation services: a guarantee for business continuity

We are convinced that this combination of technology capable of protecting our clients' systems in real time and of offering critical information for the early detection of vulnerabilities, together with the experience of our team of engineers specialized in IT security, offers an exceptional guarantee to ensure the proper functioning of its infrastructure and the continuity of the business.

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