Blog / Novelty: fast verification by DNS for SSL / TLS certificates - Already available

Novelty: fast verification by DNS for SSL / TLS certificates - Already available

by SW Team

We are pleased to announce the general availability of a new method, much faster, to validate and receive SSL / TLS certificates by the "Certification Authorities" with which we work.

What is domain ownership verification?

To receive an SSL / TLS certificate the client is required to verify that he is the legitimate owner of the domain. Until now, this verification was done through email, forcing the client to click on a confirmation link sent to an email account of type admin @ <>.

This process could be slow because it depended on the correct reception of the mail that could be lost, be classified as Spam or directly not arrive was not available a mailbox named "admin".

In this sense, we are happy to present the new system much easier and faster to verify ownership of the domain, available immediately to all our customers.

How does domain verification work by DNS?

The process is simple and very fast.

At the time of requesting a new SSL / TLS certificate, we provide our customers with a code that they can consult in their SW Panel. To verify the ownership of your domain you will only need to include the code in a TXT record of your DNS zone.

In this way the verification will be done in a matter of minutes and the certificate will be sent immediately afterwards to the person who requested it.

What is a DNS zone or a TXT record?

If you are not familiar with the edition of the DNS records of your domain, you can always continue using the previous method, validating the ownership of your domain through email.

Gross mode, the DNS zone is a file of entries (registers) that contain information about how the domain should work. For example, what web page should show the domain when it is entered in the browser. A TXT record is simply an entry with arbitrary text that, in this case, is used to verify that the owner (only he and authorized persons have access to the DNS zone) really wants to request that SSL / TLS certificate.

Verification by DNS, already available

We recommend that all our clients use domain verification through DNS as of now, as it is a much faster and more convenient procedure if the DNS zone is accessed.

Remember also that you can contact our Customer Service team through your SW Panel with any questions or doubts you may have.