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Optimized Wordpress Hosting vs Smart Hosting

by SW Team

SW Hosting presents the new Smart Hosting plans. More than 2 years of research and development have been necessary to create this revolutionary new Hosting system.

Smart Hosting has been designed to offer the best services in Hosting Services without having to know in depth the recesses of the systems or be gifted web developers.


What is Smart Hosting?

Smart Hosting is a series of layers of web servers and cache servers, intertwined between them that are capable of analysing and understanding, in real time, what type of web is being served and automatically optimized to offer the best TTFB and get faster of data delivery. All this in the new protocols Http2/Spdy.

The system is based on the recurrent analysis of all the files on the web, the instant cache of static data and an intelligent buffer of immediate dynamic data cache, always knowing which data is the most requested, to be delivered in the most fast and efficient form.

Real separation of the services of your hosting. SW hosting distributes your hosting plan on several servers, delivering, for example, email and web mail from different servers where your website is located. That allows us, among other things, to optimize the servers much more since they are only destined to one function, and make all the server resources work 100% configured perfectly to perform a single job, serve your website to the greatest possible speed.

In addition, we add a new treatment of SSL certificates for the Https protocol much more optimized that minimizes the calculation and encryption time by the server reducing latencies in all Https environments.

But not only that, SW Hosting has designed an intelligent system of self-provisioning of hosting that guarantees a maximum of 250 hosting for each server included in the “pool” of Smart Hosting, in order to, in addition, achieve that the performance of the server is much more radical and faster. All Hosting providers in the market provide thousands of websites from the same server, with the inconvenience of slowness and delay in the requests that this entails, in addition to the more websites per server, the more possibilities of collateral failures or because of other customers, you can have your hosting plan, and that is a variable that SW Hosting also wanted to correct.


And what is better, optimized hosting or smart hosting?

Of course, Smart Hosting is much better and more effective than Optimized Hosting.

We value some of the most important reasons why you should change your hosting plan to Smart Hosting:

Automatic content recognition

Optimized hosting is prepared to serve a specific type of content. Currently the most popular is WordPress Optimized Hosting. But what happens if I decide to change my website and not do it in WordPress? One problem, all the advantages offered by this optimized hosting for WordPress disappear and my website will stop working correctly.

In Smart Hosting this does not happen, the web server will automatically recognize the changes you have made on your website, and automatically and immediately it will be reconfigured to serve your new website as quickly as possible.

Big Data at the service of the web

Thousands of customers, every day, modify their website and update its content, all this generates a Big Data that is analysed in real time by our AI algorithms of our intelligent Hosting, so that it learns how you can optimize web systems and cache to optimize 200% web performance.

Continuous improvement

The learning system offers a continuous improvement of the web services of our intelligent Hosting, ensuring that over time it does not stop improving the speed and positioning of the websites in search engines.

Best for SEO and SEM

Having a fast Hosting, a minimum TTFB is very important to improve your position in search engines and optimize all your SEO processes.

Ideal for Online Stores

Essential for small ecommerce. The loading speed of the web is very important, and especially the initial loading time. It depends on improving conversion and increasing sales. With Smart Hosting this is guaranteed.

Scalability to infinity

Our Smart Hosting will allow you to grow your Hosting plan or even have your own Cloud Smart Web server, and all this without having to make expensive and difficult migrations and modifications to your website. Everything can be done automatically and without difficulty.


Didn't you find enough advantages to change your “old” hosting plan to the new Smart Hosting of SW Hosting? Well, we add another advantage, and it is the definitive one.

We make the free migration of your website to our new Smart Hosting, yes, as you hear it, free.


Hire your new Smart Hosting plan now from and activate the free migration. We do the rest. What are you waiting for?