Blog / Polish professors came to visit SW Hosting!

Polish professors came to visit SW Hosting!

by SW Team

For us is a pleasure receiving visits! Today came to visit our facilities a group of Computer Science teachers from Poland who wanted to know the Spanish technological industry and thanks to the collaboration between AENTEG (Association of Girona's New Technologies Firms) and Girona’s Chamber of Commerce driven by Mr. Lleixà, they came to visit our facilities.

During the visit, we presented who we are and how SW Hosting is estructured with corporative videos and groups visits to the Data Center. About 70 people lived what is a Data Center, what is a Cloud and how it works.

It’s been a rewarding visit,for us and for this group of visitors, who have been more than grateful for our hospitality.

It is always a pleasure to receive visits every year and be known. Now we can say that even in Poland know us!