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Protect your mail on your own Cloud

by SW Team

In our daily life we often use the email or even as a priority communication channel for our business, privacy, etc. If the email is your main communication tool, we recommend you to protect the email and to isolate your services to avoid problems.

The safest formula to protect your email and that email cannot be able to lock your routine business, is making the change to your own server, for example a Cloud server. In a shared server, your hosting is more vulnerable and other users may affect the proper operation of your services, for example because of 'spam' issue.

The reasons why we can be considered 'spammers' can be different: make a too much mass mailing, or that another receptors of email have listed us as 'spam' or to be detected as 'spammers' because of another reasons (internal filter of mail, for example).

And with this situation we can explain to you which the best options are:

1. Use the Newsletter of SW Panel

On one hand, you can make a sending using the Newsletter of the SW Panel. In this way you can send mass mailing, minimizing the risk of surpass the limit. Inside of the control panel you can configure SW Panel output port; we can see our stats of sending, the receiving and reading time of the emails by recipients, and other aspects.

2. Create your own Cloud

On the other hand, we also recommend you as a solution is to use your own Cloud server. This way, you have total management of your applications and you avoid mail problems on shared servers.

It is important, underline that when we are customers of a shared server, the indirect damages by third parties, can directly harm us. If another customer who is in the same shared server like you are and is generating spam, it can damage the correct operation of your mail service. Similarly, if who generates the problem is you, you are going to affect other customers on that server.

One last tip is to be changing our email password regularly in order to avoid problems and updating your antivirus.

To conclude, when we recommend you to have your own personal Cloud service, we must also take into account this last point: you'll have your own private server with full control of your data and you will be protected about all the rest.