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Reseller? What is that?

by SW Team

Actually, it is not very difficult to understand or explain. As its name indicates; RE to do X action again, and, SELLER from person who sells something, which means, resell product/service. In this case, resell technology services, and you may be wondering what services, well, hosting and domains. So, all this can be explained in one sentence; a Reseller is someone who sells hosting and domains, and without permanence. But let's go a little deeper.

SW Hosting is one of the few companies that offers these plans for professionals who are interested in selling hosting and domains services to their own clients. It should be emphasised that these Reseller plans are based on Cloud and everything is versatile. In case you don't remember what a Cloud is, now we'll refresh your memory a bit. A Cloud is basically a virtual server that is made from a group of servers, network electronics and storage cabins, which makes it possible to distribute resources between several and different physical devices. Once this is clear, with the Reseller plans you can configure your Cloud server as you wish, that is, you can adapt it to your needs with a modular SWPanel, and with the licenses that you would require or would need.

In addition, we would like to mention that it is 100% house brand and, as we have just explained, it is 100% customisable. There is also a modern RESTful API that allows you to manage your domains easily, and you can integrate it with your own tools.

In case you doubt it, don't worry, we have integrated all the necessary tools in such a way that it is easy for you to manage everything. For example, a migration tool, which allows you to migrate with an incredible facility all the content that you have in a previous provider. But, if you have doubts or need a consultation, don't worry, you have 24/7 support free of charge regardless of the plan you have contracted. In addition, as mentioned at the beginning, there is no permanence, so you can leave whenever you want, and without penalty cost.

We hope that, in general, "groso modo" clear to everyone what a Reseller is, but if you need information that you want to know in more depth and detail, please let us know, and we will respond, either in the comments or in another blog that compiles the most frequently asked questions.

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