Blog / Servià and Roman win in Baja Almanzora

Servià and Roman win in Baja Almanzora

by SW Team

The Mitsubishi L200 Proto of the Roman-Servià marriage has achieved again a new victory in the South, in Almería, in the second round of the Championship Off Road Rally of Spain.

Servià and Roman, the SW Hosting team, crossed the finish line of the second and final stage with half an hour of advantage over the second-placed local driver José Zaragoza, after 7 hours and 38 minutes and 450 kilometers. 

At the wheel we found, in full conditions, Josep Maria Servia, and the copilot, Fina Roman, who has developed an impeccable job With this brilliant work they have won in the 'Baja Almanzora' this weekend, which validates the success achieved in 2012 in Almería's appointment (which was the first victory together).



This is a great season starting for the team and it is an extra motivation. For SW Hosting we are excited to accompany them in this new era providing our image. Last season they lived some technical complication, but they finished in a good position in the and even had a victory in Baja Andalucía. Currently they are consolidated in the new season with the expectation of continuing working with this dynamic.



This meeting point of motor is becoming one of the inescapable races for the teams, underlining its hardness and the magnificent landscapes through which the route passes. Now they are ready for the next challenge that is also to win in la Baja Almería-Africa, at the ending of this month.


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