Blog / Students of Vidreres Institute come to visit us

Students of Vidreres Institute come to visit us

by SW Team

Always it is a pleasure for SW Hosting to receive visits from students and teachers who are interested in learning about the work we do and seeing our Data Centre. Also, if they are students related to the world of computers, we are still feeling closer to our visitors. On this occasion, we have received the visit of the students of the Professional Cycle about Microcomputer and Networking of the Institute of Vidreres.

On more time, we have presented them who we are and how the company is structured. Then, SW Hosting has opened Question Time to discuss the current state of computer science and technology. About 40 students have passed through our facilities and have been divided into different groups to go down to visit the Data Center of SW Hosting in which all customer information is allocated. For students and teachers is a great opportunity to visit a center with our features and high performance. For us it is an opportunity to receive more visitors every year and to be more popular for everyone.