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SW Cloud Servers: from 38€ to 18,30€

by SW Team

SW Cloud: The same high-end features, with the best IBM technology, the connectivity to the network with Juniper, the deployment almost instantly, scalability, 24-hour service or pay per use for the consumption. All of this and much more it's what brings you the Cloud Server of SW Hosting.

In the current national market only the SW Cloud Server is the one that has the most advanced technological features, service, guarantee and quality. The SW Cloud is the real one, because the infrastructure matters. Speed is also important when you contract the service: in few minutes you will have everything alright to start with your work.


MicroCloud for 18,30€ with SW Panel


Cloud Server Instance
1 x vCore
1 x GB of RAM
10 x GB disk
1 x Linux Debian 64bits
1 x Installing and configuring SSH
1 x Usage license SW Panel tools
1 x Server DNS
1 x Apache 2 web server
1 x Server FTP
1 x Language PHP 5.4
1 x Server of mail PostFix
1 x MySQL server
1 x Install of Policyd-Weight
1 x AWStats

 If you don't need the control panel now costs 15,55€ without SW Panel but with root access 

Take advantage of these prices of Cloud and GB disk and think about the quality is the highest with the best price. SW Hosting is your best bet.

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