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SW Cybersecurity: Secure IT Infrastructure

by SW Team

For a few years now, those involved, whether little or hard, in computer science and everything that comes with this word that increasingly covers more land, we have had to raise the demands and be much more alert in regards to security. If it's not every week, it happens twice a week that you hear about some news; of the Wannacry to the fatal vulnerabilities of Meltdown and Specter that affected almost all processor manufacturers, going through the zero day exploits or the resorts focused on mining cryptocoins that are increasingly frequent due to high remuneration that can be rewarded.

We live in a period of the information age in which it is essential to have a service that matches the demands of consumers, and at the same time, sufficiently secure so that their data is not compromised and that they can continue to trust in us as service / product providers.

In our case we have considered it opportune to get an express service for our most demanding customers, as well as securing all our infrastructure even more if you want. And to this product we have called it SW Cybersecurity, as it could not be otherwise, we combined our company name with the most used term in our field, cybersecurity.

SW Cybersecurity What is it?

The SW Cybersecurity service combines the broad experience of our human team, state-of-the-art technology and the most advanced data analysis and machine learning techniques to achieve a single objective: build a true IT strength for your business. And with these three pillars in which the product is supported, we can offer you: security advice, in which we accompany you and personalize the service to match the needs of your company and thus achieve the detection and blocking of threats with greater efficiency. A detection and perimeter blockage, which allows us to offer protection for your servers without spending resources and threaten them are blocked even before they reach your services. It also allows you to control the application level as our layer 7 security system detects and protects you from specific threats to each application, as well as offering you specific vulnerability information. And finally, having a complete vision allows you to act more quickly and maintain a global vision of all your infrastructure thanks to security reports that provide you with critical information of your hosts in one place.

We create a tailored IT strength for your company

We work side by side to design a unique security system, adapted to your business. Our team will be able to personally analyze the most relevant threats of your platform and will assist you in developing and implementing the most effective countermeasures.

That's why we focus on monitoring your systems by controlling traffic logs, blocking threats and dangerous files, as well as scanning vulnerabilities while advising you on security to adapt your infrastructure with the custom rules you need; A fully managed service that will help you make decisions and keep up to date with no worries about maintenance, administration or, of course, security.

You just have to contact us to request more information or to request a customized budget without further complications.