Blog / SW Hosting joins the 2x1 campaign with .cat domains!

SW Hosting joins the 2x1 campaign with .cat domains!

by SW Team

SW Hosting joins the 2x1 campaign with .cat domains! Also, offers you space for your web and 1 e-mail address!

With this promotion, you can register 2 .cat domains and enjoy them for the price of 1! Host your web page with Hosting Micro: 1GB space disk, 1 e-mail account, 1 FTP's account, 5 e-mail's alias, statistics services and a control panel SW Panel.

Why SW Hosting?

The commitment in IT infrastructure is a distinctive fact of this Catalan firm: more than 1200m² facilities in a 4 floors building, a professional team at your disposal with the best market tech tools like the newest IBM™ equipment and Juniper’s Metafabric©  connectivity in its own data centers in Girona and Madrid.

SW Hosting proposes you the best solutions for you and your company: they analyze your needs and offers you: the domain register and transfers like .cat so you can begin your Internet presence, give value to your mark  with a hosting and character with WordPress or online shop, Prestashop. Find professionality with the market’s best product: the Cloud, made for you, safe, scalable and flexible. Don’t lose your data with back up services and locate your server in their facilities with housing service.

Don’t waste more time! Register your domains .cat and enjoy the 2x1 promo with SW Hosting, the best free hosting provider!

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