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SW Hosting in your language

by SW Team

SW Hosting opens new lines of business and international expansion leads us to broaden the channels of communication with the customer. To give you the best service and personal attention you need, SW Hosting serves you in the language you want to speak.

Speaking the same language is synonymous with good understanding. In the professional sector is essential give to the customer the optimal communication. That’s why SW Hosting speaks your language.

Now you can find 5 phone lines at your disposal to be attended in Catalan, Spanish and English.

You will be attended by our staff in a 7x24 service that will help you to answer your questions or incidences. If needed, the personal attention will forward the call to technical support who will adapt to your query. For any questions about our services, please contact us. We are at your disposal.

Our phone lines:

• +34 972 010 565 Catalan
• +34 972 010 560 Spanish
• +34 972 010 570 English

• +34 972 010 550 SW Hosting Girona headquarters
• +34 918 137 825 SW Hosting Madrid headquarters


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