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SW Hosting Racing official sponsor of rally drivers

by SW Team

Technology and mechanics are directly connected. So, from SW Hosting we also love the 4 wheels world and we want to continue supporting projects related to motor. Since we started as a company, we have provided support and help to different teams, drivers and riders of the motor world.

We present our last great feat: next two seasons we will be sponsors of rally drivers and quad with the brand of SW Hosting Racing. Consequently, until the next 2016 we have believed in the talent of Josep Maria Servià, as one of the most experienced driver, and in the copilot Fina Roman, and at the same time, we are also sponsoring the driver of quads Àlex Feliu.

SW Hosting Team Servià-Roman

On one hand, Josep Maria Servià and Fina Roman dare to participate in the Championship Off Road Rally of Spain. This season the engines have started in the best way for them, and they have already won their first triumph in 'Baja Almanzora' and also have a prominent track record. They are continuing with their own way and the last weekend of this month of May will be in 'Baja Andalucía-África'; where they will do their best, surely.



So, the couple who drives aboard the Mitsubishi L200 Proto, they wear new logo on their car and also in their jumpsuits and helmets.

SW Hosting Team Feliu

Àlex Feliu has the purpose to participate in his first Dakar Rally this year. The 2015 project for Àlex Feliu is to finish with his best position driving his quad Yamaha Raptor 700R. SW Hosting wants to support Feliu because of his involvement with the motor and his long curriculum that has a lot of international races.

Feliu is a RAIDS driver who has driven his quad in Spain, France, Italy and Portugal. The Dakar is the biggest challenge he wants to achieve on the next year and we will be there for him.



SW Hosting Racing was born with the intention to create synergies between the motorsports fans/lovers, sponsors, technicians and engine specialists, mechanics, specialized mass media, sponsorship agreements and for the exchange of interests in general. We will be able to join together all the following requirements in order to be the reference platform for this sport.

Good luck!