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SW Panel 11 in English

by SW Team

We have new users in our customer portfolio and that's the reason why we've added a new step to continue providing a service of quality. The customer profile has changed as a result of the internationalization of SW Hosting and for that reason, we adapt to the new era.

The SW Panel is the interface that connects each SW Hosting's user with their servers, products and services. Now, we present the SW Panel 11 in the English version.

It is important that the actions' panel 'speaks' our own language, and so, in SW Hosting we are constantly adding improvements to get a continuous development of the products/services that we offer.

The control panel is available in 3 languages: Spanish, Catalan and English; that we have just started to offer it in English, because we want to give you proximity of the service to English speakers' customers that prevail around the world. With the SW Panel 11 we manage our actions in an integrated manner. The control panel allows us to deploy instances, manage invoices, information about the portfolio of domains, notifications and alerts, to control the email accounts or the activations and stops of your Cloud, among others. We can also configure and customize the panel and so we can adapt it to our corporate image or brand, if it is desired.

From SW Hosting we continue to work in order to improve our products and services. We present the last update of the SW Panel 11 tool in the English version, in the moment when we're living a change and an expansion.