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SWPanel 2023, the control panel that has never been seen before

by SW Team

We would like to present you the new version of SWPanel, which includes many new features and many others that will be appearing over the next year.

New features to highlight:

  • Integration with the new Debian 11 version
  • Integrate the new Smart Hosting + features for Clouds Hosting SWPanel
  • New Advanced Analysis Dashboard service for the Cloud
  • Integrate in the Dashboard of your Wordpress Hosting with advanced management directly from your SWPanel
  • Improves the SWPanel Telegram Bot
  • Integrate the RHA module for resellers (January 2023)
  • Integrate a new support system based on AI with exhaustive and detailed analysis of services (January 2023)

And many other improvements that you will be discovering.

Debian 11 integrated in SWPanel, what does it bring?

In case you don't remember you already have available in all our Clouds the open source operating system Debian 11. Well, now we detail why you should have it in addition to our Smart Hosting +, and the surprises that it brings, which more than one of you will love.

First of all, in case you don't know what Debian 11 is, you can read this article where we explain what it is and some of its new features.

This time we have taken the opportunity to activate new PHP versions in the Web services. Now with SWPanel and Debian 11 you will have PHP versions 5.6, 7.0, 7.2, 7.4, 7.6, 8.0 and 8.1.

We have also integrated a new way to speed up and improve the performance of the Webs, which previously Debian 10 SWPanel offered with Smart Hosting, but now we have improved doubly and it is called Smart Hosting +

What is Smart Hosting +?

Smart Hosting + is to increase the acceleration and optimisation of websites like never before, in this case by integrating intelligent multi-layer cache systems.

The basis of the Smart Hosting+ design is speed and optimisation. The aim is to offer automatic and intelligent systems on the server that are able to increase the speed with which your websites will go like never before, which also improves positioning and conversion.

You can consult this article where you will find more details about Smart Hosting +

What is the Advanced Analytics Dashboard for Cloud?

SWPanel, as you all know, runs on its own server platform totally independent of your Cloud servers, in order to avoid using your resources and prevent the use of SWPanel from affecting your Plesk service, cPanel and other panels running on your server ;-)

In this case, we have opted for the hybrid integration of some services on your server in order to give you more information and analysis of what is happening in your Cloud. This advanced analysis is a new improvement that you will be able to activate in your SWPanel 2023 and in the new Cloud servers with SWPanel 2023 and Debian 11.

This new advanced Dashboard will allow you to have very detailed information about the use of your Cloud resources, the use of the applications or software running on it, the visits or detailed traffic, the use of memory, the use of CPU.

A great variety and details of information that can be very relevant for the daily management of your Hosting Clouds for your customers.

Telegram Bot for SWPanel?

We have improved the integration of SWPanel with Telegram as your communication tool with us.

If you are tired of receiving a lot of emails, Telegram is the best way for SWPanel to inform you instantly of all those important actions or notifications that you need to take care of in order to keep your services running smoothly.

Soon you will receive more information with a short video, which will show you what you can do with Telegram.

RHA Module for Resellers, what is it?

If you are a Hosting reseller and you make websites or web projects for your clients. RHA is the definitive tool for the total integration of your clients with your services based on SWPanel.

RHA is the new SWPanel tool that will allow you to fully manage your clients at administrative and financial level.

RHA integrates a module for you to invoice services to your clients and integrate your payment method to charge them for the services. Then, you can create users, and they can access SWPanel to perform routine actions on the services; create email accounts, activate autoresponders, create new hosting plans.

In addition, RHA in its Professional version will integrate a fully customised public website for you to present your hosting products to your customers. This way you will be able to activate an eCommerce fully integrated with your SWPanel of your Hosting services and domains.

New integrayed AI-based support?

Our obsession is to improve the response time of our support services and make them much more efficient. For this reason, SWPanel 2023 uses AI to be able to understand your needs, doubts or problems and provide you with much more accurate and faster solutions.

We have designed automatic service self-diagnosis systems that are capable of analysing in a few minutes hundreds of points of possible failures or errors in your services and generate an explanatory report of everything you need to correct in order to optimise or repair your service.

All of these new features will be automatically integrated with your existing support conversations so that whenever you want, you can continue to talk to a support person for help.

These new analysis tools will allow you to know, in real time, everything related to your services and to carry out an in-depth "check" of it.

We will give you an example so you can see how powerful it is; we are able to analyse if there have been any problems during the migration process of your Wordpress from Plesk to SWPanel, and explain to you what you need to correct or change. Even what you need to optimise to make your website even faster.

To all this, add all the internal improvements of SWPanel, which are thousands and will make this tool of integral management of your services one of the best that you can find nowadays.

SWPanel, the new "All in One" control panel that nobody else can offer you!

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