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Telegram; Your best assistant and of the SWPanel

by SW Team

As you already know, you have your SWPanel always at your disposal to help you with your doubts and everything related to technical support.

Well, now you have it even more connected than ever, because now you have it in Telegram. Thank to this, now you can consult and get information about everything that happens in your customer account in real time.

If you don't have your computer at your disposal or you don't have time to check your account status, thanks to Telegram you have it in your pocket, at your fingertips and in just a few clicks. That's right, you just have to download the application and link it to your SWPanel. The same SWPanel explains it step by step, or, here you have a manual of how to link your account to the Telegram bot. Once linked, you can perform many actions or commands, of course we have another manual, which explains everything you can do with this Telegram bot.

Here are some examples of what you can consult and do, once linked to Telegram:

  • Manage your balances
  • Add money either in EUR or USD in your SWPanel
  • Manage your bills
  • View the list of all your active services
  • View the list of all domains registered in your SWPanel domain portfolio
  • Create/Add new services
And much more!

Find out right now! First, download Telegram, in case you don't have it on your mobile device yet. Then, link it with your SWPanel to be more connected than ever. Finally, now you can perform the commands you want.

If you still have any doubts about what our Telegram bot can do, comment here and we will answer them either in the same comments or in another blog compiling the most frequently asked questions. Moreover, later on we will show you a video summary of how this application connected to your SWPanel can help you.

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