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The Cloud solution

by SW Team

The cloud computing has success stories  every minute. The Cloud as a concept of on-demand delivery of IT resources on the Internet, according to a pricing model of pay-per-use, it has become the technological choice for our era.

Just imagine all those social networking platforms that all of us know them, manage the data. These networks have to store a huge amount of data somewhere. The answer is in the Cloud technology.

Another  different example than the social networks, it may be the computer industry purely. Developers, analytical services, programmers ... all of them already use Cloud infrastructure to work. The case studies are reflected in business tycoons that develop software or hardware; which everybody uses in daily life, commonly. All these companies or research and development groups were also rely on Cloud.




We constantly receive information on studies, reports, surveys, analytics and statistics made by leading companies in its sector. All of these companies, so influential with their results, also use the cloud for their efforts of large volume of data. We are talking about companies that with their publications exert, in a direct way, a worldwide impact to consider.


The SW Hosting's Cloud: SW Cloud Storage, SW Cloud Server, SW Flash System IBM™

In SW Hosting we have our own development personnel but we are also partners of IBM. The Cloud solution that we propose has several variants, is flexible and adaptable to any type of user profile according to their needs:

· Compute and Networking

· Storage

· Database

· Application service

· Deployment and Management


Pay for what you consume

Characteristics of Cloud Computing and why customers choose it:

· Economy of scale: more reduction of the variable spend than the companies that could obtain by themselves.

·Variable expenses: to replace capital investment to variable expense.

· Elastic Capacity: needs made to measure, without oversize them.

· Speed ​​and agility: infrastructure in minutes.

· Global reach: global deployment and global reach.


For big companies, it is. For you, too.

We could go on with another examples of a different kind of sectors: health, financial, insurance, education, public sector, telecommunications, etc.. But the message we want to transmit is closer. All these samples have been used to ascertain the importance of using the Cloud today. But this idea moves us away from the Cloud as a personal or business option. It is a mistake to think that the Cloud is for important companies or only for those who are engaged in the computer. Its scalability is what makes it accessible to everyone: 

• Websites
• Business Applications
• Digital Media
• Apps
• Big Data
• Backup and storage

Whether your applications are used to share photos or videos on a blog, or to contribute to the fundamental operations of your company, you need applications that solve your efforts on the network. The Cloud is necessary for you to have quick access to IT resources flexible and economical.

No wires coming from your personal computer, no physical infrastructure to the user, without thinking about USB ports, no connections, no plugs that are not always available to us. From anywhere we can have our data accessing to Cloud server.

Technological development leads us to continue adapting us. Cloud technology is an almost natural progression that we should live. The Cloud revolution for enterprises and users has the latest technology without the traditional costs associated.


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