Blog / The new Debian 9 Stretch available - Get to know what's new

The new Debian 9 Stretch available - Get to know what's new

by SW Team

In SW Hosting we have been talking about new features implemented in our services for a few days now. New OS implemented, new features and add-ons for the services, even a new version of the SW Panel with very important improvements, especially in terms of security.

Today we are not going to present you something else, because we bring you the news that from now on we are integrating the new Debian 9, codenamed "Stretch", as an operating system option for your Cloud servers.

What's new in the new Debian Stretch release?

The Debian Project is an association of free software developers who volunteer their time and effort to produce the Debian Operating System, a completely free operating system.

This time there are many new features: in security, MariaDB replaces MySQL, the Xorg server no longer needs root privileges, apt package management and file organization are improved, as well as a new method for naming network interfaces.

You can find all the news about this release on the official page of the Debian organization, in the section of news about this distribution.

If this is the version you have been waiting for for your Cloud server, all you have to do is contract a new service on our website.