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Today is our day, the day of IT

by SW Team

Today is our day and the day of all computer geeks. This day celebrates a very valuable tool that was created, which has significantly influenced and revolutionized the whole society in all fields; medicine, construction, administration, etc. It has even created new fields of work, as there were so many changes that happened, it was necessary.

A little history and general information about this revolutionary innovation. The term was created in 1959 by electrical engineer Karl Steinbuch. IT is a science of applying techniques and processes to the storage and processing of information and data in digital format. This day is also a tribute to the first woman programmer, Grace Murray Hooper, this great woman developed many accounting applications for the world's first electromechanical computer developed by IBM, also known as the Harvard Mark I.

This tool has not only revolutionised the world, but has also been evolving quickly and continuously. For example, today there is already a good artificial intelligence that makes it possible for machines to do human tasks. Also, there are the social networks that are nowadays more than indispensable, not only to communicate with friends or family, but also to be aware of what is going on around the world. In fact, with IT and technology, it is no longer necessary to leave the house to do the shopping, nor to work, as teleworking is already widespread, especially after the pandemic.

Actually, thanks to this tool SW Hosting exists, and we can be your reliable provider of services such as Hosting, Cloud, Domains, SSL Certificates, and many more. Moreover, just like IT and technology, we have been updating and catching up quickly to offer you not only the best of the market, but also to integrate tools that allow you to manage and handle everything incredibly easy. For example, you have the SWPanel which is super intuitive, that helps you to manage your hostings in a way that has never been seen before. There you have statistics that are easy to understand, you can manage databases, users, DNS, FTP and many more. Another example, you have an integrated migration tool, which allows you to migrate all the content you had with an old provider.

Today is a special day for all of us. We don't know about you, but we are thankful that IT exists, because without it we wouldn't have the facilities we have today, and you wouldn't be reading our company's blog either.

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