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Transport Layer Security (TLS): what it is and how it works

by SW Team

Today we want to explain what is the Transport Layer Security (TLS) or cryptographical protocol whose aim is guarantee Internet communications.

 Lack of privacity is the users's main concern and is real: every day we listen stories about robberies of data, photos or important documentation… That’s why it is indispensable being safe around Internet and when interacting in it. From scrolling around web pages, downloading files or e-mail communication: security is essential.

A few posts before, we explained to you what is the SSL Certificate, a tool that encrypt data in the exchange between users and web pages, perfect for the e-commerce, confidential data protection like credit cards, private information or intranets. We want you to know today, what it is the TLS.

TLS is the next generation of the SSL Certificate: allows and guarantees data exchange in a safe and private environment between two entities, user and server, through applications like HTTP, POP3, IMAP, SSH, SMTP or NNTP. We refer to TLS like the evolution of SSL because it is based in the certificate and works in a very similar way, basically: with encrypted shared information.

How it encrypts? Through two protocols in different layers: the authentication protocol (named TLS Record Protocol) and the mutual agreement (also known as TLS Handshake Protocol).

 a)       Record: it’s the authentication part so the data can be transferred by a private and reliable connection (it negotiates the encryptation and integrity of the sender-receiver)

b)       Handshake: it’s the message's negotiation. In each message it's specified a protocol (called content_type) and it's encoded and packed up with a authentication code (or MAC).

 Therefore, TLS protocol, is done with a safe and encoded track between user and server where it negotiates the message cryptography, it authenticates code keys and is done a safe transfer.

 TLS is distinguished for the interoperability’s security (the encrypted data is transferred in different applications like HTTP, becoming HTTPS).

 From SW Hosting we want you to be safe at every moment, navigating around our web sites without worries, but also, we want you to use tools to make your information safe and not risk in case of interception. TLS is presented like a information transfer protocol for your e-mail accounts that following the different phases we explained, the sender's server and the receiver’s server will connect, will authenticate their identity (record protocol) and will agree (handshake) to send the message via encrypted e-mail.

 Upgrade and interact in a safe space with TLS protocol!

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