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Vote our video tutorials on SW Panel

by SW Team

One of the best tools if we have doubts when we are in front of the computer is to find a video tutorial. In SW Hosting we work to achieve this goal for our users.

If you have any doubt, you can enter into your SW Panel where you will find more than 50 themes about using the control panel, and other new ones that we are preparing to help you to perform the action that had generated to you some doubts.

The topics are diverse, you will find the simplest such as how to create an email account in your SW Panel, how to revise an invoice or how to add balance in your SW Panel in order to continue interacting.

Subscribe to our channel to receive notifications about new videos

Remember that to access to these videos you must do it through your SW Panel, from your account, in the 'Help/Videotutorials' tab; also from our blog in the tab 'Tutorials', using Google+, or on our Youtube Channel of SW Hosting (where you'll find other corporate videos).

Through Youtube channel you can watch videos, write comments, share them, etc.. But the most important thing is to be subscribing in our channel if you want to follow our video tutorials activity. In this way, you will receive notifications about our new updates and uploads. To subscribe, click here and click on the red button at the top right side 'Subscribe'.

Useful and clear?

Vote them if the videos are useful or have been clear for your interest. You can decide with like or dislike them from 0 to 5. From your SW Panel you can easily vote and help us to improve. The fact of receiving a direct reply is the most powerful tool for progress and offer to you every day a more effective service. If you help us to improve, all of us win.

If in doubt, you can always contact SW Hosting opening a Technical Ticket to explain changes that you consider necessary, changes, lacks or extra information you miss it.

Any video tutorial you want we prepare to solve your case; do not hesitate to send us your proposal. Your questions can help to resolve the doubts of others and vice versa. Vote and send us your opinion.