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We expand the limits of our Clouds

by SW Team

At SW Hosting we continue to offer improvements to our clients. In this occasion, we expanded the growth limits of our Clouds Pools by increasing the available Cores and RAM.

What are the new limits?

Our Cloud products will now allow you to grow much more, if you need it. These are the new limits set:

Cloud ONE Maximum vCores: before 8 now 24 Maximum RAM (GB): before 8 now 64

Cloud PLUS Maximum vCores: before 16 now 24 Maximum RAM (GB): before 32 now 64

L'ampliació dels vCores serà d'un en un fins als 16 i a partir dels 16 en endavant de dos en dos.

In this way, you can, at any time, increase the resources of your Cloud product in real time, achieving immediate improvements in its performance.

What advantages does your Cloud have over the competition?

• Without permanence. One of the clear drawbacks of current solutions on the market is that they force you to stay with the provider at the cost of obtaining a good price. We do not link you to any permanence and you have the best price from the beginning. You can try us and, if it doesn't convince you, you can leave whenever you want. That easy.

• Payment for actual use. Solo pagarás por las horas de uso real que hagas de tu Cloud, nada de cuotas fijas mensuales, aunque no lo uses, no como te ofrecen en la competencia.

• No mandatory RAM vs vCores linkage. The competition tends to link the Cores to the RAM so that you cannot freely choose the resources you want. Normally they force you to have 2 GB of RAM for each Core. With us you can choose RAM and Cores independently.

• You increase or decrease in resources according to your needs and in real time. You decide at all times and in a simple way the scaling of your resources. From your control panel, you can check their status and decide whether to expand or reduce them whenever you need.

• No predefined resource packages. We do not offer you predefined packages that force you to switch from one to another with the associated extra cost. Our solution is fully customizable and scalable according to your needs in real time. Increase or decrease in resources when you need it and to measure. You will save costs and you will only pay for what you use.

• The best market price. No matter the level of resources you hire, we give you the best price from the first moment.

Visit our website now to find out about all the details of our Cloud product. And remember that you have a Cloud One available for only 3,95 €/month.