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You can plan web exports for free

by SW Team

As you may already know, being able to export a website is very important, since the exported files are used as a backup, or to import them elsewhere. Now, in SW Hosting all customers, no matter what service they have contracted, can export their website wherever they want at no cost. And not only that, they also can plan the web export totally free whenever they want.

For those of you who are not familiar with the sector, in this blog we tell you what is a web export, its advantages and importance.

What is a web export, why is it important?

Exporting a website is an important task that you should do in order to back up or transfer it to another server or platform. This involves downloading all the files, including databases and multimedia content.

It is a crucial task that any site owner must perform to ensure the security and continuity of their online presence. Therefore, when a website is exported, by backing it up, if something goes wrong it can be easily recovered.

In addition, exporting a website is important when you are transferring to a new platform or server, as moving the files and database ensures that all content is available, making the process smoother and faster.

It must be added, that this task is important for maintaining search engine rankings. If it is not done correctly, links may be broken and users may encounter "404" errors, which can negatively affect ranking and therefore reduce traffic of the website.

In conclusion, exporting a website is an essential task to ensure the security and continuity of a company's or individual's online presence. Do not risk losing all your valuable content.

What are the advantages of planning a web export?

Many of the advantages have already been explained in the previous section, but here are some more.

Planning allows the identification of any potential problems that may appear during the export, allowing them to be faced before they become bigger and more costly problems.

Another advantage of planning a web export is that realistic times and deadlines can be set for completing the task, which helps to minimise website downtime. If you know when the export will take place, you can schedule it when traffic is lower or during a period when the website is not being used as frequently.

Planning also allows the identification of any special requirements that may be necessary for the export, which may include identifying specific tools or knowledge of technical skills needed to accomplish the task.

Overall, planning a web export can help reduce errors, identify potential problems, set realistic timelines and ensure that the necessary requirements are met. If you want to export your website safely and effectively, planning is the key.

How to export a website, how to plan the web export?

In SW Hosting you can export and plan the export of your website through the Dashboard of your service in the SWPanel.

To export it, first of all you must go to the search box of your SWPanel and there locate the service where the web you want to export is hosted. Then, click on the button "Make a Web export now". You will be able to choose if you want to send it by email or upload it to an FTP server, an external FTP storage. Once you have chosen and completed the corresponding boxes, you will only have to click on "Yes, export now", and the export will be done. For more detailed steps and information click here.

To plan the web export, you will have to go back to the search box of your SWPanel to locate the service where the website you want to plan the export is hosted. Then, click on the "Planned export" checkbox which is located at the bottom right of your Dashboard, specifically in the "Available enhancements" box. Once you have logged in, you can configure when you want the export to be done and how often you want it to take place. Then, you will have to choose if you want the export to be sent by email or uploaded to an FTP server. Finally, only click on the "Activate Scheduled Export" button, located at the bottom right of the SWPanel. For more detailed steps and information click here.


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