Blog / 85% of the software is developed in Cloud

85% of the software is developed in Cloud

by SW Team

At the last meeting organized by IBM it was revealed that most of software is developed in the cloud. 85% of software worldwide is based on Cloud platforms which it confirms its growth at an exponential rhythm.

In fact, the same company has just bought Cloudant, a small firm that was founded in 2008 and has created a new generation of web and mobile applications cloud-based, with an unlimited scalability.

Experts present at the event, say that more than 200 software patterns will change the private space for the public cloud, in order to these configurations and applications will be used by developers. This gesture should allow accelerate the transition to Cloud.

Companies that think about the future, they are preparing changes in the architecture of their applications and they must start to invest in new technology implementations if they want to advance. IT executives of companies take these decisions because every year they have more demanding purposes and they must present the desired results.

Each profile examines their possibilities and needs. We have from the public cloud, the private one to the hybrid. For those who feel scared of their safety often it is recommended the use of a private Cloud, but there is also people who need to analyze information 'machine to machine' or large volumes of data of the networks and then, the optimal solution would be the public Cloud.