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ADSL network problems

by SW Team

Due to the complaints received by our customer service in these last hours from the SW Hosting clients we want to inform you about the different ADSL connections and fiber problems which come from the Movistar operator. The point is that there are variations or technical operations by the Movistar company everywhere that can affect you directly, specially when you need to send emails using Outlook and others.

For this reason we are recommending to you as a customer of the SW Hosting, that you access your email via webmail (if you have any doubt about how to access, can use your SW Panel) and thus you will solve the problem of receiving and sending emails.

During several days we are complaining about the incidence to Movistar but, as same as they do with our clients, they report that there have no incidences in their network. For the tests we have done, we can confirm that the incidences are intermittent and affects different areas of the Spanish territory. Using these tests with external providers and of traffic national/international, we can confirm that Movistar is doing some updatings of scanner, filtering or analysis of traffic which causes loss of traffic's packet, latencies, errors and network outages.

After insist, we have achieved that Movistar recognizes the problem on their network and they are working in order to solve it but do not detail the state nor the date of the solution.

Please we ask you to insist with Movistar and we hope we can get the solution together. We do not recommend to call to Movistar 1002 number. We regret to inform you about the incidences, but in any case these problems are caused by SW Hosting. However, we apologize for this case.