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Our Cloud Server is cheaper

by SW Team

Take advantage of this prices offer of SW Hosting. Since today you can already have 50GB disk in your SW Cloud, with 1 vCore and 1GB of memory for just 33,75€.

If you need the same Cloud but double disk capacity, the extension of 100GB costs the proportional price for that extension.

That's it: 100GB for 39,00€  or 250GB of disk for 54,75€/month (with 1 vCore and with 1GB of memory). Therefore, in SW Hosting we are offering you a linear increase.

In SW Hosting you DO NOT pay extra money for the disc increase, and other companies are doing that. It's common that the price of disk that we found in market is a very low starting price, but no one warned us the payment is going to arrive after: extra GB is paid disproportionately; therefore the companies are making you to pay those initial savings that for us were so wonderful (or even more than this).

With SW Hosting you will not have surprises about the extension of Cloud's GB. We understand that it is fair and logical to pay proportionately unit/€. So, our company policy is to work with completely linear and transparent prices.

The SnapShot is separated and that's the reason why we are offering the lowering of prices. It has been thought for users who really need it or want it. This separation creates direct cost reduction. So, if you are someone who needs to have SnapShot you can contract it using your SW Panel control panel.

Here attached the table with new prices of disk:





GB of disk



GB of disk Fast



GB of disk UltraFast



GB of disk FlashSystem



GB of disk Snapshot



By yourself you can check all prices on our website. Remember that the infrastructure it is important and is the guarantee of the proper functioning of your resourcesSW Hosting has IBM technology, connectivity to the network with Juniper's QFabric switches that give to our infrastructure with the better services. As it is one of the most prepared of the moment.

Take advantage of this disk price for SW Cloud Server and bet it all for consistency and professionalism of our Cloud services.