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Confidence in Cloud

by SW Team

The providers' role is the key to implement the Cloud, both for companies and users. So it is important to say that in the recent publications is already shown that the 88% of companies, that is almost all, they know about the Cloud but the next step is to adapt this service to every sector.

The Cloud provider firstly makes the effort to raise awareness of the product and give further arguments for those people that are more reluctant. IT departments and CIOs have changed their perceptions and expectations about the Cloud, and they think that it is a priority its efficiency, quality and all the benefits against the cost.

We emphasize especially talking about the scalability of Cloud, its reversibility, reliability, potentiality for business, etc. But now our job is to adapt to the customers and businesses needs because the business is changing. With Cloud solution the concept of business management is changing and will change even more. And this point, we cannot omit it; we must do the opposite thing, we must study and prepare us for change.

We found different opinions of experts, development communities, specialized blogs, etc, information related to this change saying that will be done in more or less speed depending on 3 actors:

- TI Department

- Corporate business units

- Tech providers (like SW Hosting)

Even it can be considered as a fourth actor: the user, of course. The weight of this information rests with the figure of the provider. Indeed, we are who reach the end customer and perceive their prospects.

The Future of Cloud

If you look at the future about the direction of Cloud growth, we can highlight its evolution towards to mass audience and growth in depth to reach its maturity. If you look at the future about the direction of Cloud growth, we can highlight its evolution towards to mass audience and growth in depth to reach its maturity. The investment in Cloud technology increasingly has more sense, more applications and is more logical. Not adapt us to this new change, it may mean falling behind.

Moreover, as we have said, on the coming years we will surely have new changes, convergences, divergences, market restructuring, etc. But the direction will be always the same: to provide the customer of integrated solutions.


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