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Debian 11 now available on all our Clouds

by SW Team

We are happy to announce the release of the latest stable version of Debian: “Debian 11 Bullseye”. From now on, all our customers can deploy their Cloud with this version of the GNU / Linux distribution, Debian.

What is Debian?

Debian GNU / Linux is a free operating system, developed by volunteers who collaborate over the Internet. It was born in 1993 with the idea of creating a free operating system using Linux as a kernel.

Its dedication to free software, its non-commercial nature, and its open development model sets it apart from other GNU / Linux distributions. All its commitments are detailed in the so-called Debian Social Contract.

Debian always seeks to have maximum stability in each of its versions, carrying out many months of tests, before offering a new version to the community.

Thanks to the availability of Debian 11 in all Cloud instances, now, you can work with more updated repositories and, therefore, with more recent versions of your favorite software, libraries and applications or that you require for your project.

What's new in Debian 11?

  • Official support until 2026.
  • Linux 5.10.
  • Updated desks:
  • Native support for exFAT.
  • Expanded driverless printing to USB devices with the new «ipp-usb» package.
  • New open command available as a convenient alias for xdg-open (by default) or run-mailcap, managed by the update-alternatives system.
  • Systemd now enables its persistent journal functionality by default, storing its files in /var/log/journal/.
  • New password hash format "yescrypt" by default.
  • Multiple updated packages:
    • Apache 2.4.48
    • BIND DNS Server 9.16
    • Calligra 3.2
    • Cryptsetup 2.3
    • Emacs 27.1
    • GIMP 2.10.22
    • GNU Compiler Collection 10.2
    • GnuPG 2.2.20
    • Inkscape 1.0.2
    • MariaDB 10.5
    • OpenSSH 8.4p1
    • Perl 5.32
    • PHP 7.4
    • PostgreSQL 13
    • Python 3, 3.9.1
    • Rustc 1.48
    • Samba 4.13
    • Vim 8.2
  • More than 59,000 ready-to-use packages.
You have all the news of the version available in the official Debian news.

I want a Cloud with Debian 11!

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