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Download Free Images: Top 10 Sites and Licenses for Use

by SW Team

Images are an essential part of creating visually appealing content in the digital age. Fortunately, there are numerous online resources that offer high-quality images for free. However, it is crucial to understand the licences associated with these images in order to use them properly. Here is a top 10 list of sites where you can download free images, accompanied by an explanation of the types of licences and their applications.


Types of Licences: Understanding the Game

  1. Public Domain (CC0): Images under this licence are completely unrestricted. You may copy, modify, distribute and use them for personal or commercial purposes, all without credit.

  2. Attributio (CC BY): A touch of thanks is required here. It requires giving credit to the original author when using the image. Although you can use it for commercial purposes, you must provide the attribution specified by the creator.

  3. Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA): Similar to CC BY, it allows the use, modification and distribution of a work, as long as the author is acknowledged and, if modifications are made, the derivative work must be shared under the same licence.

  4. Attribution-NonCommercial (CC BY-NC): Perfect for non-commercial projects. You can use and modify the image as long as it is for non-commercial purposes and you credit the author.

  5. Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA): Similar to CC BY-SA, you can use, modify and distribute a work acknowledging the author and under the same license, but it must be for non-commercial purposes.

  6. Attribution-NoDerivatives (CC BY-ND): You may use the image for commercial and personal purposes, but you must give credit and you may not make changes to the original work.

  7. Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives (CC BY-NC-ND): You may use the image for non-commercial and personal purposes, but you must give credit and may not make any changes to the original work.

Now that we understand licensing, it's time to explore the best sites for free images to suit your needs.


Top 10 Sites for Downloading Free Images

  1. Unsplash: This is the digital photographer's treasure trove. A vast collection of high resolution images, all under CC0 license.

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  1. Pixabay: It's not just an image platform; it's a visual oasis. It offers free photos, illustrations, vectors and videos under CC0 license.

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  1. Pexels: A paradise for content creators. This site hosts high quality photos and videos, all under CC0 license.

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  1. Freepik: Looking for graphics beyond photos? Freepik offers free images and graphic resources with the option of attribution, ideal for creative projects.

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  1. Burst by Shopify: Are you jumping into online commerce? Burst is a freebie from Shopify that provides high quality images for commercial and non-commercial use.

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  1. PicJumbo: Visual diversity in one place. A free photo resource for personal and commercial use, with a wide variety of categories.

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  1. SplitShire: A feast for the eyes. This platform offers a diverse collection of free images for any purpose, with a CC0 license.

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  1. Gratisography: Want something out of the ordinary? Created by photographer Ryan McGuire, Gratisography offers unique, high-resolution images under the CC0 license.

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  1. Reshot: Unrestricted visual art. Reshot is a platform that highlights artistic and quality images, all licensed under CC0 for free use.

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  1. Rawpixel: Beyond photos, a complete visual experience. Rawpixel offers free graphic elements and vectors with the option of attribution.

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Now that you know about these sites and their clear licenses, you have the freedom to explore your creativity without worrying about legal issues. Take advantage of these resources to bring your projects to life with amazing images, download, create and share without restrictions.