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Your .es domain for only 4,5€ until December 31st!

by SW Team

If you are an individual or a company and want to have presence at the network you need a domain. From SW Hosting we encourage you to register a .es domain for only 4,5€ until December 31st.

When we want to start a website, we usually do not know how we should start; at SW Hosting we offer you a wide variety of domains like .es, .com, .cat, .net and so on. If you are pretty doubtful is good for you to know that .es domains are an international reference. Last year ESNIC registered more than 1 million .es domains.

Moreover, there are a few differences with other domain names; an example of this is that the transfer of .es is done automatically; it does not require an authcode to transfer to another provider.

If you want to take profit of this promotion, at SW Hosting you will find your .es register domain for only 4,5 euros, in addition you will enjoy free services as parking, DNS management, contacts management, automatic self-renewal, an SW EasyWeb (your online business card) and a domain administration with our SW Panel tool through which you can manage, contract and communicate with SW Hosting with just one click.

You can already register your .es domain for only 4,5€ until December 31st!