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Good bye to SW Panel 10

by SW Team


Months ago we introduced you the new version of our SW Hosting managment tool: SW Panel 11. That’s the reason why, on July 31th the SW Panel 10 will become obsolete.

After a few time with the beta version and thanks to the complicity of our customers, we finally could present you the SW Panel 11: to make easy your services management.

The importance of updating: We are in a changing society, and as an innovative company, we adapt to the changes as well. From SW Hosting we have recreate this tool based on all the best qualities of the SW Panel 10 but adapted to the needs of our customers and offer new services.

With this new initiative, we hope that we can participate in your questions or incidents throug our customer service, interface with administrative and technical suport, 365 days a year, 24 hours day.

If you haven’t tried yet, we encourage you to do it, and if you have any qüestions, please contact our Help-desk service.

From SW Hosting we say good bye to the SW Panel 10 and we welcome the SW Panel 11: modern, effective and at the height of your needs.