Blog / Hosting with WordPress installed for 4,95€/month

Hosting with WordPress installed for 4,95€/month

by SW Team

Do you want to post content on the Internet? The easiest way is having a blog with WordPress. Now we offer a hosting L Medium with WordPress already included, with 5 GB space, 1 Database, 5 email accounts and 30 GB of traffic. Only with SW Hosting.

Now you can create the online project that you've always wanted. Without delay. No need to be an expert to post content online. WordPress makes it easy for you and already has thousands of users and downloads worldwide.

You will be able to change or customize he design and content of your blog as you like. You will have a large selection of 'themes' or free designs with which you can customize your blog, you can manage from your tablet, mobile phone or computer. All content is editable and manipulated to your liking: customizing text, typography, blog backgrounds, categories, images, languages, etc.


As users of WordPress we can find several different profiles: journalists, chefs, entrepreneurs, athletes, travelers, etc. Your blog is opened to the public but you can always choose the option to limit it to the general public, private or friends.

You can easily modify any aspect of your blog using the 'advanced features'. Almost every action with WordPress is for free, however, you can also choose other features that are for paying, if you are interested in them. Although there are many blogs that offer different possibilities, WordPress is the most useful and the most used one.

If you want to be known, today open your blog

By yourself you can manage and customize the image that you want to convey to the world through your blog. Think of their impact. You will increase your chances of communication and self-promotion, you'll have more online presence and your activity and projection will be favored. WordPress is a platform with a code-opened interface, free and secure.

SW Hosting offers integrated WordPress, without having to download or install it. You only have to complete your details and within a few seconds, you can already use it. The impact of what you post, reach everyone instantly.