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How can I access Webmail?

by SW Team

First of all, we should know what Roundcube is and what it consists of.

Roundcube is a webmail manager that allows you to control your email with any browser you want. Thanks to it you will be able to access your email account from anywhere without having to install or configure email managers. All you need is a browser and internet access.

For this reason and its ease of use, Roundcube is the Webmail access that we include free of charge with all our email services.

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How can I access Roundcube?

There are multiple ways to access webmail, you can access through your domain, host or the IP of the server that hosts your services. Here are some examples applied to our platform:

Example Url to access via domain

Example Url for access via hostname

Example url to access via IP address

After accessing the corresponding url, we only have to enter our credentials, and once confirmed by the system, we can use our email from wherever we need to go.

enter image description here

Additionally, if you have a hosting created on our platform under the email management section, in your account details you will see a direct link to your webmail.

enter image description here

If you need to know how to get to this information, we recommend you to have a look at the following manual.

Roundcube (Webmail)

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