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The importance of a secure password:

by SW Team

In SW Hosting we worry about your safety. Therefore, we have begun an informative wave-mailing to remind our customers that they need to do their passwords securer.

If we make our passwords securer, we will avoid the intrusion, the digital identity theft, spam or other problems of data access by third parties. Currently, there are more and more cases of intrusion and lack of security in the network. Internet may be a crevice to access to the user data. Sometimes, the lack of concern of the user can be a problem easily preventable.

So, from SW Hosting we want to prevent possible security problems and we have implemented a new calculation to determine the level of password security. If they have a percentage smaller than 50% security, we advise you to replace it. It is best to be above 70%. Make sure you are on this threshold to avoid problems.

The confidentiality of your data is something that we worry about it. Every week we will review the hardness or weakness of the passwords and we will alert you to all those that are not sufficiently secure. If any doubt, you can contact us.

We give you a few tips:

· Change you passwords frequently

· Do not use the same password for different accounts

· Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols and numbers.

· Do not answer 'yes' when asking you to save the password in the browser on a public computer

· Do not use names or numbers associated with you (date of birth, pet names, etc.)

· Do not use easy to guess passwords such '12345' / 'admin'