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Investment in optical fiber. The priority of this moment

by SW Team

The best bet is to invest in optical fiber. This has not been the priority of our governments. We usually surf on Internet at low speed however we pay for Internet service as we were citizens of Hong Kong.  We know hundreds or thousands of cases of municipalities around the country where it is almost a miracle if the Internet signal arrives. It is talked of lack of resources, lack of investment in fiber optics, problems with the topography of the landscapes, etc. There are several impediments that cause companies to lose sales, reservations, guests, or cannot reach or be present via the Internet. In the technological age in which we live, that's a failure, undeniably.     Today we want to share an interesting case that can be used as an example. A town called Chattanooga, in USA, has been renamed as 'Gig City'. The reason is that the government has invested over $ 330 million in the installation of fiber optics around Chattanooga. This has led the city to be even a new home for many investors, entrepreneurs, responsible for 'start-ups or entrepreneurs. All of them have moved to this place on the last years and the result is already positive. The success stories are a reality and thanks to the Internet speed running to 1 Giga per second.  It's almost something crazy to think about moving out your house and your business to look for new opportunities just because in another points of the planet you will find faster Internet. We have to say that maybe could seem impossible, but it is the reality, that's right. Stop to think what would happen in our country. How would be the economical return for companies if they would be able to offer ultrafast services, how we would take profit of the investors and technological groups if they move out here because of the good Internet service? In Chattanooga the new businesses that start they are renting homes and flats, creating businesses, acquiring new staff, investing in the local economy, etc.. All this helps us to economic development. A company like SW Hosting every day has clients who want to expand their skills and potentials in the network, but they don't have enough infrastructures because their services can be carried out. We need that our public administration invests in structure fiber cable, otherwise, will be the companies who are forced do that, and it is too much costly for them, and sometimes it could be a counterproductive spending.