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New News: More Domain Extensions (TLDs)

by SW Team

A few weeks ago, you saw that we have implemented improvements in Layer 7 FireWall Security, with better IP filtering and pre-detection of attacks. Besides, during the month of June there will be a lot of improvements of our services. However, today we have another very important news to announce, which you will surely like: We have added new Domain Extensions (TLDs), and during this month we will be adding more.

Before we tell you which ones they are, and what kind of website they would be useful for, we will briefly explain the differences between Hosting and Domain, as well as what is a TLD.  If you want another blog that deals in more depth with the differences between Hosting and Domain, write it in the comments of the social media.

A domain is the unique name assigned to a website address, e.g. "", which acts as a unique label that easily identifies and locates a page on the Internet. Keep in mind, that it is important to choose an appropriate and remarkable domain name, as it can influence the visibility and recognition of the website.

Moreover, TLDs (Top Level Domains) are the top level domain extensions found at the end of a web address. These extensions have different functions and are used to classify websites according to their purpose, location or category. Some of the most common TLDs are .com, .org, .net, .edu, .gov, among others.

On the other hand, Hosting allows a website to be stored and shown on the Internet. It functions as a virtual space where all files, images and data related to the website are stored, making it available online for visitors. The hosting provider, such as SW Hosting, provides servers with powerful computers connected to high-speed Internet and technical resources so that the website is accessible 24 hours of the day.

In other words, while the domain is used to identify a website on the internet, the hosting is responsible for storing the content of that website to make it available online.

What domain extensions have we added?

Here are the extensions that we have added, which you can also see on our website:

  • .bio: is used to highlight biographies or personal profiles online. It focuses on displaying personal or professional information about individuals who are distinguished in certain fields.
  • .cloud: is used to indicate that a website is related to cloud services and applications, and online services. It is a popular choice to highlight companies and professionals offering cloud-based solutions.
  • .co: is a popular alternative to the .com domain and is used to represent a variety of online activities. Although, originally it was assigned to Colombia, it is now used globally for businesses, Startups and personal projects.
  • .dev: is perfect for communicating that your website is related to software development and technology. It is a popular extension for companies and communities that want to provide useful resources and tools for developers.
  • .io: is used to give a technological and related context to Startups. Although, originally it was assigned to British territories in the Indian Ocean, it is now associated with innovative and technological companies.
  • .me: is a popular choice for personal blogs, online portfolios and projects that seek to focus on individuality and personal expression.
  • .online: It is especially used by companies and online shops that want to show their presence in the digital world. It also conveys a modern and innovative image.
  • .pro: is a very good extension for professionals and companies who wish to highlight their experience, skills and credibility in a specific field. By using it, it clearly indicates that the website is related to professional services and seeks to establish trust and authority in the relevant area. This extension is quite popular for lawyers, doctors, consultants and other professionals who wish to highlight their specialization and attract potential clients.
  • .wiki: is used to indicate that the website is designed to provide information and which is collaboratively created content by users. This extension is ideal for online encyclopedias, documentation projects and community knowledge platforms.
  • .xyz: this extension is recognized worldwide and is associated with the exploration of new ideas and to represent versatility and creativity on the Internet. It is a popular choice for personal projects, Startups and online communities looking for a unique and memorable domain.

What other domain extensions will we add? [Update 07/06/2023: We already have these extensions]

As we informed you at the beginning, during this month we will add more domain extensions, which Google recently released;

  • .foo: one of the favourites of software developers, as "foo" is used as a placeholder in the source code.
  • .zip: This extension can associate your website with speed and efficiency, as "ZIP" refers to the compression of files to reduce their size and facilitate transfer.
  • .mov: is very popular for websites that host movies or animated images, as .MOV files are widely used to store high quality videos and clips, making this extension ideal for sites looking to offer high definition multimedia content.
  • .nexus: is for websites that focus on gathering links or creating connections. In addition, the word "NEXUS" evokes a focal point or series of connections, making it an appropriate domain for this type of platform.
  • .dad: is a good choice for fatherhood blogs and other fatherhood-focused websites.
  • .phd: is an extension that stands out for those with a PhD (doctorate). Typically, this domain is used to highlight achievements and share research with the public interested in your field of study.
  • .prof: is ideal for teachers and professors to show their curriculum, research and share educational content online for their students.
As you can see, this month is full of new features and improvements. We recommend you not to miss any of them, as we are sure you will love all of them. Stay tuned!


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