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New OS Available - Your SW Panel up to date

by SW Team

We are Cloud specialists and as such we must be up to date with the latest news. The Cloud Computing is a fast technology, and for the professionals of the sector it is our responsibility to give exit and assistance to the needs that can arise from this one; that is, be even faster and go one step ahead of possible threats or failures.

New OS available

In this renovation, we implemented new Operating Systems in the new version of SW Panel 2018.01. From tomorrow, Thursday, April 26 you will also have, apart from all the systems that could be used, a new version of Ubuntu, the version of CentOS 7.4 as well as version 7.4 of Oracle Linux.

New version of Ubuntu

In the case of Ubuntu we are very happy to be able to implement the new version of the free OS just because we like it a lot and we always opt for the use of free distribution software with a fan base and a very powerful community behind it.

We continue to modernize our infrastructure, so that our services are consistent with your demands and requirements. And we will continue doing it always.