Blog / Set aside your doubts and take advantage of the Cloud

Set aside your doubts and take advantage of the Cloud

by SW Team

There are many excuses that we present to ourselves to convince us of Cloud is not for us, and it is just for another people. Frequently when we don't know about something we feel fear and we are scared of some new change. However, with some knowledge of the subject, certainly we see all of this differently.

We were also reluctant to tablet, and last year for the first time, there were sold in our country more tablets than PCs. It is a simple example of the concept of taking the plunge and leave the fears and doubts aside.

In a recent report on Cloud Computing (IDC) says that Spain was already at a high level of knowledge of the Cloud, more than 88% of CEOs know something about it. In fact, 41% of Spanish organizations already use some type of Cloud service. In recent months, these figures will be increased, surely. In fact, it is expected that in 2020 reached 60% of IT spending devoted to Cloud (now we're about 25%).

The report mentions that about 60% of the 500 biggest Spanish companies surveyed are using public Cloud services, while over 40% are expanding themselves or are testing and evaluating its inclusion. These figures predict a future evolution. The sector that has invested heavily in the Cloud has been the application world, and the financial or public sector are still doubtful, though they are starting to change their mind.


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