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SW Hosting brand of the TT Rallies' champions

by SW Team

They are ready for the next race Spain Championship Off Road Rally that is called 'La Baja Almanzora'. They are Fina Roman and Josep Maria Servià. They finished the year 2013 with a victory in 'Baja Andalucía'. The couple is a team inside the car and so are they in the real live, too. They want to start their season with the same strenght. Now the challenge is to get the victory in the 'Baja Almanzora' this weekend.

On May 2, the first stage started in 'Baja Almanzora'. The Championship of Andalusia is divided into 3 hard days for pilots, co-pilots, team and fans, who are overwhelmed and sometimes they cannot see all cars because of the speed.

In this race there are 51 couples subscribed in the list that is published by the RFEdA where there are categorized the different groups of T1 (in which Fina and Josep Maria compete), T2, Buggies and Historic. Our colleagues will be competing aboard their Mitsubishi L200 Proto, which is more than ready for the race this weekend.

SW Hosting is present at various events related to the motor and believe in pilots who makes these motor shows. From the beginning of our history, SW Hosting has been involved with motorcycle riders, quads, rally, TT, etc. This year you will be able to see us in the jumpsuit that this marriage of Pals wears, with a new corporate SW Hosting logo design combining new typography and image. We have used the cloud drawing to represent the Cloud Computing, and defined lines to represent the sense of speed.

Fina and Josep Maria are our driving idols and friends, and they have a lot of experience that strengthens them giving to them a great superiority in driving. To summarize their track record is a difficult task and we are confident that they will continue adding too many more titles and awards that we want to share with them.

We will be aware of the final classification and SW Hosting wants to wish you all the best. Keep it up and good luck!