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SWPanel 2024: More Customization & Control

by SW Team

SWPanel 2024 is here with lots of new features! In this blog, discover the innovations that make SWPanel 2024 the preferred choice for your Hosting and Reselling needs. With a focus on customization and control, we take the user experience to new heights.

Advanced Configuration and Customization

Experience an unprecedented level of control over your environment. Tailor SWPanel 2024 to your exact needs for a completely customized experience. Dynamic adaptability responds to changing digital needs and enables real-time adjustments, while the enhanced user experience simplifies complex processes so you can focus on effectively growing your web presence. SWPanel 2024 is not just a control panel; it is the key to unlocking a new standard of personalization and control in your digital journey.

Enhanced Reseller Module

A control panel designed with Resellers in mind. Enjoy a wide range of strategic options and tools designed to grow your reseller business. It features synergistic integration of users and access profiles that optimizes operations for reseller services. In addition, we are excited about the upcoming release of the RHA and RHA+ module for Resellers, which will include advanced features ranging from the creation of customized hosting plan templates to financial management. We will be rolling out these exciting new features in the coming months, further enhancing the quality and power of your Reseller experience.

Powerful Cloudflare Integration

Forget about complications. Full integration with Cloudflare redefines the security and performance of your website. You manage your free Cloudflare plan directly from SWPanel, eliminating the need for additional user interaction. This collaboration includes integration with Cloudflare's CDN and WAF, ensuring robust protection against online threats and fast content delivery. This synergy not only simplifies management, but also optimizes the user experience, raising operational efficiency and web security to new standards.

Full Connectivity with the SWPanel App

This connectivity redefines accessibility and remote management of your services. Access and control your panel from anywhere with the application, providing an additional layer of flexibility and adaptability. This integration not only facilitates constant monitoring, but also allows you to make crucial operational decisions on the fly. Experience the freedom to manage your web services efficiently, wherever you are, thanks to the full connectivity offered by the SWPanel app. Also, find out more about our app in our blog, where we detail its features click here to start reading!

Services Tree Enhancements

These improvements provide a more detailed and efficient management experience. With greater granularity in the visualization of services across different branches. You can now explore and understand your digital environment in greater detail. Interaction options have also been expanded, giving you more versatile control over your services. These improvements not only simplify navigation, but also enhance your ability to optimize and customize your online presence more effectively.

And that's not all! We've taken ease of use to the next level. Now you can take advantage of Drag-and-Drop functionality to effortlessly migrate your Hosting Plans between your Cloud servers. You can also efficiently add or remove Cloud servers from your VPNs or VLANs. Direct Drag-and-Drop actions have been added to the services tree to make your life much easier and help you get things done instantly and much more intuitively.

File Explorer News

The File Explorer has been optimized with new directory information and analysis functionality that allows you to perform direct actions such as compressing and downloading an entire directory. In addition, you can now automatically create an FTP account for that specific directory. This enhancement also includes detailed content analysis, with comparisons between used space and total service space to provide a more complete and efficient overview.

Optimized Dashboards

SWPanel 2024 Dashboards provide an intuitive and improved interface for more efficient management of Web Hosting and Cloud Hosting services. With the integration of new enhancements, you can now access critical information faster and more clearly. These dashboards provide a complete view of your services, making it easier to make informed decisions. From key metrics to management tools, these dashboards enhance the user experience and provide complete control and a deeper understanding of your web services.


SWPanel 2024 is not just a control panel, it is a dynamic tool that adapts to the changing needs of your environment. Every aspect has been designed with attention to detail to provide an exceptional user experience. In addition, we have incorporated suggestions from our customers and the user community to improve the experience for end users, developers, and hosting Resellers alike.

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