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The importance of security

by SW Team

At SW Hosting we are very concerned about the security of our customers, so much that, for example, we have been offering you a free SSL/TLS certificate, Let's Encrypt, since a long time ago. In case you don't remember what an SSL certificate is, here's a little reminder.

What is a SSL/TLS certificate?

A SSL/TLS certificate is a security protocol based mainly on digital signatures. It encrypts communications between the server and the client. An example would be the web browser or the client's email. In other words, it is what makes the connection secure. As mentioned before, you have the free Let's Encrypt certificate, but in case you are interested, there are some paid certificates, such as the Comodo, Rapid SSL or True Business, which have more guarantees.

Importance of updates

Updates are more important than it may seem at first impression. Their main aim is to solve security problems, which could be exploited by others. At SW Hosting, we install all the software from the manufacturer, which means that we install it with all the latest updates. In this way, you avoid many vulnerabilities, also, unwanted access is avoided, automatically blocking IPs that are trying to access by force, etc. In addition, each update has additional settings to further improve privacy and security, as even the smallest problems from previous versions have been eliminated.

Server on its EOL

If your server reaches its EOL (End Of Life), you can contract a new one in SW Hosting, or keep the one you already have. Here we will never force you to change it, neither penalize you.

For example, in a server with PHP 5.2 you can't install the new updates, and it's already in its EOL, so it's more exposed to vulnerabilities. For this reason, and because we want to avoid your worries, when you contract our hosting services we already include the latest PHP versions for free, and not PHP 5.2.

Any doubts?

If you want to know something specific about security/privacy, or if something is not clear to you, write to us in the comments. We will answer you in the same comments, or in another blog about the question(s) you are concerned about.

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