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This is how our installations look like

by SW Team

At SW Hosting we are present in different geographical locations, not only in Spain, also abroad. So, approximately SW Hosting has more than 2000 square meters of its own installations. In our installations, the Data Centers are designed in such a way, so that they can accomplish the highest quality and availability requirements. In addition, they are the most modern, we are always adapting them to the current situation, we even try to be more advanced so that we can offer you the newest, most current and best solutions in Hosting and Cloud.

It is worth mentioning that you have the opportunity to visit our installations whenever you want and whenever you can. All you have to do is request a guided tour from our website. Some will remember, others won't, but we have been running these guided tours of our facilities quite a few years ago, and now we are starting it again. We have been visited by a French TV channel, teachers, many high schools, and some universities. We have always felt honoured to be able to collaborate with education, and to show students what they could do after their studies.

Technical details of infrastructure

In SW Hosting, we separate the physical networks, which logically according to the type of data they transport, there is a network for management, a network for traffic to and from the internet, and another network for access to disk/storage. It should be added that FC (Fibre Channel) is used for storage, which is a technology specifically designed and optimised only for access to this storage.

That's not all, we have to give a big emphasis on the fact that we have everything duplicated, which means that there is a lot of data redundancy. Obviously, there is no physical dependence on any hardware. Besides, not only everything is duplicated, but also studied the "N+1" good practices, which means, that you always have 1 element more than you need to be able to give you such services as for example:

  • SAIs
  • Power lines A+B
  • Routing layer controllers under high availability
  • Duplicate firewalls in high availability
  • Number of cables from the server to the management switches
  • Number of cables from the server to the data switches
  • Number of cables from the server to the storage switches (FC)
  • And a long etc.
As we take a lot of care of our infrastructure, we have guaranteed technology from the best manufacturers in each of the layers, for example; Dell and IBM servers, the storage is IBM, PureStorage and Huawei, also, the network is Juniper and PaloAlto.

To answer the technological challenges, we have the latest technology in modular and expandable storage arrays such as the IBM V7000. The combined number of data centers makes SW Hosting's facilities avant-garde.

In terms of connectivity, we are connected through 3 operators, which are some of the most powerful operators, specifically they are in the Top 4 of world operators, these are: Level3/Lumen, Cogent and NTT. Furthermore, these are connected to a ring to guarantee maximum bandwidth redundancy, which, in addition, forms an "AS" (Autonomous System). And not only that, all our traffic passes through different filter layers, i.e. the traffic passes through an external operator that filters the traffic and delivers the net traffic to us. In this way, DDoS attacks are avoided. Then, when it reaches our network, this traffic is filtered at the router level. Then, it goes to Layer 4 Firewall, from there, it goes to Layer 7 Firewall. Finally, this is delivered to the server, which is configured in such a way that it discards or eliminates certain attacks.

Here we have explained a little bit about the traffic route, but if we had to summarise it in a simple sentence, it would be this: the security of communications and AntiDDoS filtering in our Data Centers is guaranteed by using the latest generation technology.

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