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Training-company, the perfect tandem

by SW Team

SW Hosting has looked and will look at the relationship between training and business. In our industry, of the computers, there is a great name of students who are preparing them for the new challenges of the future.

This tandem formed by company and training has feedback between them and they need each other. For that reason, InnovaFP is still working to move Professional Training centers and business closer, so SW Hosting has not wanted to miss this meeting that has been held in Girona.

The conferences are organized by the Generalitat de Catalunya, with the collaboration of other institutions, and arrive at their third edition with the successful participation of forty institutes in the whole of Catalonia.

Several speakers have talked about the benefits to innovate, to work with projects and the importance of having a solid training base. We have had the pleasure of listening to different professionals with extensive experience. For example the President of Infonomia, Alfons Cornella, who spoke about learning to 'co-undertake'; or other people who are managers of the professional training from private or public centers, who have spoken to us about training plans and real career opportunities. At the same time, we have the presence of public figures as the director of the TTSS in Girona of Teaching, Albert Bayotor the director of Professional Training and Specialised Education, Melcior Arcarons.



InnovaFP wants to shake the minds of young people and adults who aspire to be part of important projects and create and innovate in their industry. It has been a pleasure for us to be part of the seminar held in Auditori Josep Irla of Girona, after having been invited by the Institut Montilivi of the city.

We will open the door to everybody who is interested to come and visit us; we have over a dozen annual visits of several educational institutions, and a lot of them want to repeat the experience with us, and also with a lot of universities, colleges and professional training centers that come to our house.