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Valentine's Day arrived at SW Hosting

by SW Team

We already have a very long relationship with technology and IT, to be exact, we have been together for 26 years, and now we are on our way to our 27th anniversary.

But, did you know that it is not only lovers' day, but also friendship day? For this reason, yesterday you probably saw on social media that we have announced an offer related to friends. If you didn't get the awesome news, we'll update you now.

If from Monday 13th to Sunday 19th February 2023, your friends use the "friend code", which you have shared with them, when they contract a Standard or Advanced Hosting service, BOTH OF YOU WILL GET 7€ FREE CREDIT. Only during this week! Hurry up and take advantage of this offer, you deserve it.

What must be done?

You only have to follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Share your "friend code" with someone; friend, family member...
  2. That person has used the code when contracting a Standard or Advanced hosting service.
  3. Automatically, both of you will get 7€ in the panel.

Wait! What is the friend code?

If you don't know anything about this code or you don't remember it, we'll remind you of it. This code is acquired by our customers, those who comply with these requirements:

  • Have a validated customer account
  • Have at least one paid hosting service
  • Work with the SWPanel credit payment method
This code can be shared with as many people as you want, but each person whom you have shared it with can only use it once.

Where is it?

If you comply with the requirements, it is very easy to find it:

  1. Go to your profile icon or image, which is in the top right corner
  2. In the emerging menu, click on «Client Dashboard»
  3. Scroll down until « Referral and promotions»
  4. There you will find the friend code
If you need more information, we already have a blog that explains this code, and we also have a manual.

Click here to read the blog.

Click here to read the manual.

Where does Valentine's Day come from?

First of all, not all countries celebrate Valentine's Day, or at least not on the same day. Moreover, as mentioned above, it is not only a day for lovers, it is also a day of friendship.

But where did this celebration come from? Well, the origin of the celebration is in ancient Rome, specifically in 226 AD, because of a law that forbade young soldiers to marry and form families. There was a Christian monk, named Valentine, who was against this law, because according to him, young soldiers had every right to unite in holy matrimony in the presence of God. So the monk came up with the idea of marrying soldiers and their lovers secretly in prison. Unfortunately, in the end the emperor Claude II discovered that Valentine was disobeying this order behind his back. So, he ordered that Valentine must be executed on the 14th of February of that century.

This is the origin of this peculiar celebration, which is almost worldwide, but each country or region also continues to celebrate its own "day of lovers or love". For example, in Spain, specifically in Catalonia, it is celebrated every April 23rd as St. George's Day, also known as the day of the book and the rose. On that day all the streets of Catalonia are full of books, roses and, of course, plenty of romanticism in the air.

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day? Or what date do you celebrate as the day of love/friendship? Write it in the comments and we'll read it.

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