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Friend Codes: 5€ for each friend!

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Do you have a friend? Then listen up because you may get 5 € free credit.... for each friend.

How do friend codes work?

It's easy! All you have to do is give your code to all your friends and acquaintances. If they register as a customer at SW Hosting, both you and your friend will receive 5 € each. And so on for each person who signs up as a customer.

In short: **you and your friend who signs up as a customer will receive 5€ each.

How do I get my friend code?

To get your friend code, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign up for a service (*)
  2. Access your SWPanel.
  3. Validate your customer account. Follow this manual, to know how to do it.
  4. Go to the menu with your customer name (top right corner).
  5. Choose the Customer Dashboard option from the drop-down menu:**

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  1. Finally, you will find your unique friend code at the bottom left of this section:

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In addition, you will be notified the moment one of your friends uses your code.

How do I use the friend code?

It couldn't be easier!

To use your friend code, and receive the reward of 5€ of credit, you only have to do the following:

  1. Not being a customer of SW Hosting yet.
  2. Choose any product from www.swhosting.com (*)
  3. Enter the friend code in the "checkout" process.

(*) Only applicable to paid Hosting services. Free services, domain registration/transfer/renewal, SSL certificates and Cloud Services are excluded.

You will automatically receive 5€ of credit, which will be added to your account, once you complete the registration process.

What's the secret to get more free credit?

Share the code with more people!

"Friend Code" is just a guide name. We want you to be able to use it to invite anyone to SW Hosting: your co-workers, your boss, your siblings, people in a facebook group, your twitter followers, .... in short, anyone who might be interested in the best hosting with the best security and performance.

Share it and win 5€ for each new customer registration!